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This page deals with an important subject. Please read carefully the following information.

The original Northwood photos are no longer covered by copyright, that is they are in the public domain. Richard Northwood was one of the three Northwood brothers who took the original photos. He was the last brother to die, in 1955, and copyright lasted for a further 50 years after his death.


The images in The Northwood Collection are copyrighted because of the skilled work done in renovating and restoring the original photos to their present state. This work was done by John Edmonds, grandson of Richard Northwood. Copyright exists on the work done to the images you see in this Collection and on any subsequent prints (electronic or material) made of these images.


John Edmonds is the sole proprietor  of FarNorthPhoto Ltd and lets the copyright on his work reside with his company. Displayed on his work is the following..................................................Permission must be obtained from

the copyright holder before any reuse, alteration or copying of the images or subsequent prints (electronic or material) from The Northwood Collection. This can be applied for by emailing FarNorthPhoto Ltd......


For more information on the New Zealand Copyright Act 1994 please view the following PDF File from the Intellectual Property Office Of New Zealand. The relevant sections have been highlighted in yellow.......



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© FarNorthPhoto 2010