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Welcome to the home of The Northwood Collection


This Collection is a group of extraordinary Black and White Historical Photographs taken by three brothers in the years spanning 1890 to 1945. These photographs show people going about their everyday activities in a little known area of New Zealand called the Far North.


Along with scenes of this beautiful backwater the Northwood Brothers built up a portfolio of many thousands of photographic glass plates. These photographs of the Far North are a detailed history of what life was like during that time and show how through hard work the local people broke in the land and built up the infrastructure.


Arthur, Richard and Charles Northwood are relatively unknown as photographers outside New Zealand. Not only are they noted for the above work but it is because of the outstanding composition of their pictures that allows these three photographers to move into world class standing.

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FarNorthPhoto is now at the Kaitaia Market on Saturday Mornings.

Look for the FarNorthPhoto Gallery with the large all white gazebo.


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On display are a range of canvases and prints. These are prints from the FarNorthPhoto galleries and historical prints of the Far North from The Northwood Collection.


Prints can be ordered here and services such as photo restoration and scanning are offered.


Great Viewing!! Plenty to see. All are welcome to browse.